Possible Bug! Chord Track Can't Recognize and place F dim7 chord


I am trying to put F dim7 chord ( with notes: F, Ab, Cb,Ebb or F,Ab,B,D) using MIDI notes in my chord track, however, when I play the notes on Keyboard, it places Fdim?

Interestingly, when I am in the chord editor ( the table with four columns), and on my midi keyboard play and hold Fdim7, it selected in the four columns: F, dim, 6/13, F selected . However, when I release the chord, it places E#dim as chord symbol!!! When I click on this chord, the note D is play as well as the chord notes, E#, G#, and B.



F, Ab, Cb,Ebb or F,Ab,B,D is not Fdim7, this is Fdim. F"dim7" would look like F, Ab, Cb,Eb or F,Ab,B,Eb, which is Fmin7/b5 in fact.

Use ‘enharmonic shift’ to change how Cubase spells the chord.

To have access to all possible chord voicings in Cubase set the Chord track to ‘Basic’

Experiment with chords on the chord track and the various settings in the Inspector in order to learn how it works.

( Fdim7 is root, m3, diminished 5th, diminished 7th: F, Ab, Cb, D. However you spell it enharmonically.)

Martin, This is how Yamaha labels them please see one of the Yamaha’s Owner’s manuals for synths. I am aware of Fm7(b5) it is not the chord I want. dim 7 in F dim7 mean: both 5th and 7th are diminished intervals with respect to the base note F. I want F, Ab, Cb, Ebb (. As the chords in classical harmony are spelled by 3rds. ). I know Ebb is enharmonic to D, that is a 6th. Now that Steinberg is acquired by Yamaha they should speak same notation. Please see page 121 https://usa.yamaha.com/files/download/other_assets/0/455590/psra3000_en_om_a0.pdf

Please correct me if I am wrong.


Thank you for the workaround.
That’s the way it should be spelled. Otherwise it should be call F dim 6. Anyhow, let’s not worry too much about music theory!

It’s not a workaround, it’s part of the specification; e.g., not a bug.

There’s no reason for Cubase to follow any particular system, since you can fully customize chord symbol spellings in the prefs dialog.