Possible Bug: Gap after Time Signature

Please see the attached picture. The Gap after Time Signature setting doesn’t seem to have any effect.

The gap after time signature is only used if there is another thing to the right of the time signature, which at the moment would only be in the case of a start repeat barline. Otherwise, the ideal gap after barline is used.

Thanks Daniel.

This speaks to the difficulty you guys have in making the complex algorithms and settings that control Dorico’s behavior accessible to users. The pictures included with most settings are wonderful! Even so, I often find a setting that doesn’t seem to kick in - likely because it only applies in certain conditions. Perhaps it might be helpful to provide additional small text outlining what conditions must be met for a setting to take effect.

For example, in this case, I wanted more space between the time signature and the first note. I went looking for spacing settings and found “space after time signature” but it didn’t do what I wanted. That’s because this space, as you explained, is actually controlled by the “ideal gap after barline.” The difficulty is that there is no barline here. From a programming standpoint, this makes perfect sense. But I wonder how many users would start out thinking this way? An explanation with the “space after time signature” setting might be helpful.

Yes! Even more so because the picture clearly seems to show Evan’s first interpretation…

Yes, I agree that this picture should be changed to include a start repeat barline there, and I’ll do this when I get a chance.