Possible bug in combining L+R guitar fingerings

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This is the case:
I want the first two-note chord to be played fingers 1,2 (left hand) and p,p (right hand) . Unfortunately, this is the only way possible to be written.
Placing “p,p” as “next to notes” (so I have a bracket) make them disappear. When I change fingers so they are different (p,i), they disappear also
Placing “1,2” as “right of note” (to make room) does not fix anything.
All other combinations except the one in the screenshot, give strange results.

PS I have made that possible by placing (for the right hand) a horizontal line (bracket) with a fingering. But, I suppose, that is a workaround

*And a SUGGESTION:. Selecting a finger in Engraving mode would be handy to scroll the properties view to finger settings, and not to the note settings

Is this what you want?Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 8.39.28 AM
Apologies if I am misunderstanding your problem.

Thank you for your reply!
Yes this is what I want. But I cannot do it as described at time 3:40 in the tutorial video. I can only do it as is described at 4:00.

Yes, it works as in the video, but only if there are no left hand fingerings (at least that is what I found.) For my example above, I put in the left hand fingerings, add the “p” for right hand, then used a bracket from the Lines panel. Not sure if it is a bug, or if it is just a feature not fully realized.

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Yes. It works that way. But in the tutorial video does not mention that there are limitations on putting both right an left hand fingerings on the same notes.
I hope someone from Steinberg will answer about these limitations

At least there is a way to do this. Hopefully it will be addressed, but I suspect there are larger - and for many, more important - issues.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Kostas. I think this is a combination of settings that we didn’t consider when we were working on this feature a couple of years ago. I’ve made a note of it, and hopefully we’ll be able to extend the plucked fingering features in this direction in future, though I can’t promise that it will be soon!