Possible bug in Cubasis v1.7 or IAA apps

I don’t know if this is related to Cubasis or the IAA apps but when I open Cubasis and select Arturia’s iSEM and Nave in instruments IAA apps, they play back fine. However when I completely close down Cubasis, iSEM and Nave and I just reopen Nave I can still hear iSEM playing when I play a patch on Nave even though iSEM is completely closed down. I’ve double clicked on home button but Nave is the only app seen open. This is probably a bug with either app but I’m not sure. I am using iPad Air with iOS7.0.4


It seems to be working fine now. Maybe my iPad Air was spooked last night :wink: :smiley:

hi Artmuzz,

there seems to be a bug within IOS7 IAA.
As indicated in the 1.7 Update thread:

“Connected node apps don’t always appear in the iOS multitask mode when you double tap the home button. This is an iOS 7 issue which can lead to connections failing. As a workaround, launch the node app manually from the home screen, then double tap the home button and swipe up to quit it.”

I’ve had this happen as well. Even though it doesn’t show up when you hit the home button it will say app recording at the top of the screen when you exit. If you double tap the red bar at the top of the screen the app will show up. You can then double tap home and it will show the app and you can close it normally by swiping upward.

is it just me or is this bug still present in ios8.1.3!?

Surely Apple should have addressed this by now?