Possible Bug: Inconsistent note lengths in playback

I’ve been working on a project for a while. Listening to the playback today, I noticed that some of the note lengths in the MIDI rendering are unexpectedly shorter than they should be. This is a recent change that seems to have occurred as a result of changing something in the project (and NOT as a result of updating to 5.1).

Here’s an example:

As you can see, the whole notes in the first measure (96) and the half notes in the last measure (99) are rendered much shorter than the default 95% (looks closer to 90% in the first measure and closer to 80% in the last measure).

Another example:

In this case, in measure 8, the first triplet is much shorter than the second triplet.

To eliminate the obvious possibilities, there are no playback offset overrides, and the expression map is quite minimal:

(Not pictured, but there are no “Playback Option Overrides” as well).

The changes I’ve done since I know it was working better:

  1. Add some tempo changes (not in the specific section with the first example)
  2. Add some meter changes (also not in this specific section with the first example), including some time signatures for just specific instruments.

I also recently turned on the new polyphonic playback dynamic changes. I THINK the playback was still working as expected immediately after that, but I am not 100% sure.

Either way, undoing the tempo and meter changes and turning off the polyphonic dynamic changes DOES NOT fix it. Also, selecting the notes in question and doing “Play → Reset Playback Overrides” does not fix it.

Any help fixing this would be greatly appreciated.


Is this a keyboard instrument?

Playback Options > Timing > Note Durations

Whew, that’s it. Is that new! Why would it turn on all the sudden? Does it seem like I’m wrong and that this behavior must have started when I upgraded?

That’s new indeed, from the 5.1 update.

one of the first things I do is switch this off. The setting is well intentioned but I find it tends to cause more problems than it solves. I guess it will depend on the kind of music and it’s best to audition first. Many new playback intelligence features are disabled for existing projects to maintain compatibility but this does not seem to be one of them.

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Yeah, this one was quite jarring.