POSSIBLE BUG: MIDI keyboard won't input rests

Dorico documentation claims that one can input rests by either playing a note on the MIDI keyboard or typing an A-G on the computer keyboard. The later works, but the former doesn’t.


The MIDI keyboard enters notes just fine, so I’ve confirmed it’s not a MIDI configuration issue.

Running Dorico on MacOS 10.12.6

Works for me here. Are you sure that you have the “Rests” icon on the left side activated?

Yep. 95% sure. I’ll send you a video capture, tomorrow, when I’m back in my studio.

Here is a video capture of me reproducing the problem. I’m probably doing something wrong.


I’m wondering if this is a particular bug related to insert mode… that does appear odd.

Thanks for the video. I’m still puzzled because it does work for me here, also if I’m in insert mode.
So I wonder what it is that causes your problem.

It would be good to get the log information of Dorico in that case. So please, do similarly as in your video,
then go to the main menu and choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report.
That will create a zip file on your desktop. Please send that one plus your Dorico project to u dot stoermer at steinberg do de.

I’ll do a “me too” on this. Starting with the upgrade, my keyboard won’t input rests.

I did not get a diagnostic report from user ericgoetz8, yet, so you also could step in and send me one.

Ulf, I’m about to send you a diagnostic report.

When using a MIDI keyboard if I “play” rests among notes, there’s no problem - the rests appear as if I were using A-G on the computer keyboard. If trying to “play” rests OVER existing notes, no rests appear (though MIDI thru continues to play pitches through my speakers).

We’ve taken a look at this and found that this is a bug that we’ve now logged. Rests don’t get added using a MIDI keyboard unless a note has been added in that same note input session… The workaround is quite simple though: use the A-G keys to insert a rest in this case.