Possible bug, moving previously cross-staffed note to staff below

Hi all,

in the minimal example select one of the quarter notes in the upper staff, voice 2.
Cross-staff it to the lower staff, then cross-staff it back to the upper again.
Now, use Move to staff below. The note moves, but the cross-staff property is changed so that the note is cross-staffed to the upper staff:

Intended behaviour or a bug?

I tried your example starting with 2 identical bars. In the first I got the same result as you. In the second I skipped the two cross-staff steps and simply moved the the same quarter note to the staff below, where the note did move, leaving a quarter rest in the upper staff.

I think the quarter rest suggests what is happening: When you do the first cross (to the lower staff) no rest appears because the note remains an upper staff voice 2 note in spite of its new location—no voices are empty. When we then ask Dorico to cross this upper staff note to the staff above, we are essentially asking for something that has no real solution—it is already an upper staff note and there is no higher staff to cross to. Instead, if we want to again show the crossed upper staff note in its original location, the solution is to move it back to the upper staff.

Ah! Very good, thank you, that leads me in the right direction.

My mistake here: the M and N shortcuts (move to staff below/above) are not context sensitive – the N does not reverse the effect of the M. I see now that there is another menu option to “reset to original staff”; if I use that it does what I expected.

Great. Before reading your reply I was thinking that doing a “move” to return a note to its original staff didn’t sound quite right, either, so I’m glad you looked into it and discovered the “reset to original staff” option which is what is really required.