Possible bug - Playing techniques

I selected the first 8th note, then command+clicked the next 8th note (did not click on the 2 16th note grace notes in between). Under playing techniques I selected from the common grouping the open circle (harmonic), it added it over the 2 16th grace notes as well, and they were not individually selectable. I had to add 1 at a time.

Not sure if this is a bug or not.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 3.04.00 PM.png

When you make a multiple selection like this, Dorico creates the playing technique as a single object that lasts for the duration of the selection, and then shows the playing technique on each rhythmic position with a new note inside the selection. If you want it to appear only on two individual notes, you need to explicitly create two playing techniques, by adding them to a single note one at a time (or adding one, then Alt+clicking it to the other note).


Thanks Daniel! Hope the birthday was great!


In thinking a little… Do you think it would be useful to show all of the notes in orange, as opposed to just the ones I command+clicked on?


No, when you Ctrl+click them, you’re not selecting all of them (though as and when we have e.g. Shift+click selection implemented, you will see everything between the first and last notes you selected light up in orange). If you were to hit Delete, then only the notes that you actually selected would be deleted. But for several operations, like creating items that have a duration to them (e.g. slurs, hairpins, trills, octave lines, and indeed playing techniques), then Dorico uses the positions of the first and last items in the selection to determine the duration of the created item. It doesn’t matter whether anything in the middle is selected.