Possible bug when clicking Edit/Transposed pitch

It has happened three times that one part is shown as not transposed even when I have it as transposed and when I go to Edit and click transposed pitch, dorico quits. I’m not sure but I have a feeling that it has something to do with the possibility of clicking transposing layout in layout options and and in Edit /transposed pitch.

I’m asking again, is this a known bug?

Can you attach a project that demonstrates the problem?

I’ll send you the project in which it happened but I am not sure you will find it since I’ve edited it since.

So the problem you are reporting is that you have Edit > Transposed Pitch chosen in a layout, and you choose it again (even though it’s already chosen), and Dorico crashes?

My memory is a bit soft but I think it happened after I discovered that you can chose transposed in Layout options as well and I might have had it chosen there and then when I saw it had non transposed under Edit and clicked transposed there when I saw the part had not changed. But this had been preceded by strange looks in engraving mode where it did not show what was chosen. Sorry, I don’t have more details.

Daniel, I got it again and now I was prepared:
Going to Full score with concert pitch set I wanted to see it transposed so I go to Edit and there I see that it has transposed clicked. I get suspicious as it is not and save the score. I click transposed and it shows as transposed. I click concert again and dorico crashes. I’ll mail you the score.