Possible Bug with Dynamics and velocity!

Changing Dynamics with Shift + and Shift - doesn’t affect the velocities anymore.
Changing Dynamics with the Dynamics Panel still works fine.

Am I missing something ?

I forgot to mention that this only happens since Dorico 5.1.10 of course !!

Some dynamics (percussive instruments) are effected via velocity; dynamics of others (sustaining instruments) depend primarily on CC numbers and may not affect velocities.

Of course but here I am referring to the fact that since 5.1.10 there is a discrepancy between changing a dynamic from the panel and changing the same dynamic with Shift + or Shift -.

while the later still change the dynamics it is not affecting the Velocities anymore, while using the former on the very same instrument acts as before 5.1.10 and does alter the Velocites.

If someone with 5.1.10 could do the simple test of changing a dynamic with Shift + or Shift - while monitoring the velocities we could conclude if this is effectively a new bug or not !!

The velocity lane in the key editor does not appear to update in real time (unlike the dynamics lane). But the velocity does immediately change.

Thanks for the help,

Where do you see it change exactly ?

This is indeed the velocity lane of the key editor, where the velocities don’t change anymore since 5.1.10, my last question referred to :

I am not aware of another place than the velocity lane of the key editor, where we could monitor those changes effectively.

I use the monitors either side of my head (ears!)

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Yeah… I forgot about those… and indeed the velocities do update immediately as you pointed out, I did my initial testing on instruments who respond to both velocity and CC11 so I wasn’t paying much attention to the audible output.

I truly want to thank you for your help @Janus

Can we now both agree that the Velocity Lane of the Key Editor is responding in a totally weird fashion since 5.1.10 and that this Bug should be addressed whenever our beloved Team deems possible ?

There’s no new problem here in Dorico 5.1.10, but I can confirm that the Velocity editor doesn’t update immediately after you use the Decrease/Increase Dynamc Intensity commands. We’ll fix this minor cosmetic problem in a future update.