Possible bug with listening levels from mediabay?

I use mediabay to check my mixes and masters against other mixes. Brilliant tool.
However in Cubase 7, the levels when i preview from mediabay are not the same as in Cubase 6.5 and this confuses me…perhaps I’m doing something wrong in my C7 setup. Can any reproduce?
Try this:

  1. Import a hot mastered audiotrack in Cubase, at least reaching -0.3 dB.Preferably a wav. file.
  2. Insert the slm128 meter in the controlroom rack.
  3. Play the track and check the true peak level in the slm128 meter.
  4. Open mediabay and CTRL-click the level fader in the preview window at the bottom of the bay to set it to 0.00 dB.
  5. Play the same track as you imported via mediabay and check the true peak level in the slm128 meter.
  6. They should be the same, but my aren’t…the mediabay plays the track 0.5-0.9-dB louder.
  7. Do the same in Cubase 6.5. My peak levels match exactly here… :confused:

-20 test tone outputs -19 for me here. Cubase 7.0.1. All faders at unity.
Pro Tools outputs the same file at -20

sounds like a bug

Is there any possibility that the User defined reference level for calibrated mixing environments is perhaps responsible for the discrepancy?

I just checked. Its fixed for fresh new projects but my older projects were outputting 19 still.