possible bug with tied notes and shift+alt

In the attached file, I have 2 note chord in which the bottom note is played first, a common situation in piano music. Say I want to extend the chord to the end of the 2nd bar. If I select both notes and hit shift+alt+right arrow, only one of the notes is extended by an eighth. If I hit it again, that eighth disappears and moves to the other voice.

I’m working on a score with lots of this right now, and everytime I want to edit the length I have to delete the entire bar and start from scratch, not a huge deal but it would be nice to be able to just edit what’s there, especially since I’ve had to do this many times now. In my score the notes aren’t in separate voices because I have other stuff happening in the up stem voice.
example.zip (403 KB)

I don’t think it’s a bug. I think it’s the way notes currently function, and I run into it often. And I very much wish it could change.

You don’t need to delete the entire bar, just press U to untie before you lengthen the chord.

This is a known limitation of working with chords where the notes don’t start simultaneously.
The obvious workarounds are:
a) write a separate minim/half note and then tie the two things together like so:

b) untie (U) the start of the tie chain so that the notes all start at the same point, then extend, then tie back together, like so:

There’s certainly no need to “delete the entire bar and start from scratch”.

Yeah this makes way more sense!