Possible bug? Zoom in/out jumps to different locations

In a large orchestral score I have noticed tonight that when zooming in/out of the score in Galley view, the score is liable to jump to a different place. If there is an object selected this does not happen, but if nothing selected it seems to be a fairly constant problem - furthermore if I zoom out 1 step and then back in again it does not return to the same place. It only appears to happen with this particular project, which is here if anyone wants to take a look: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ek3ezm1h3bk2uef/Pirates%20of%20Penzance.dorico.zip?dl=0

Here’s one of many threads already on the forum about this (which I found just by searching for zoom) https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=119711&p=650004&hilit=Zoom#p650003

It’s an acknowledged bug; it’ll be fixed in the fullness of time. Meantime keep something selected before you change the zoom setting.

The problem with telling people to search (especially those relatively new to the forum) is that the bug may have been fixed or regressed (such as the transpose dialog bug.). With appropriately 70 bugs fixed in the last dot-dot release, it’s going to be difficult for newer users to tell what’s fixed, what the recommended workarounds are, etc. Perhaps if there was a sticky of acknowledged bugs, unimplemented nitation, etc., it be easier for newbies to find solutions to their issues.

Point taken, Traubitz.

That said, somebody who’s evidently been a user since December 2016 (albeit an infrequent poster on this forum) doesn’t really count as a “newbie” as far as I’m concerned, and the “please search first” thread IS pinned to the top of the forum.

I’m sure if people search for “zoom” (for example) they can read the dates on the responses to see which is most recent.

In addition, searching for and appending to existing threads, rather than starting new ones, keeps comments on a single issue together so a new user can see what has gone wrong and whether it has been fixed.

Some people start new threads when an appropriately names thread is just a few lines below.

Consider my wrists slapped; although the link you provided doesn’t describe the problem I’m having.

I did in fact search first (for “zoom bug”) but didn’t spot a relevant thread at first and having looked again it’s more than 20 down the list with a title starting “feat req” so I will try and read more carefully and between the lines in future.

James, to clarify, the problem you’ve described has been mentioned here several times, and it’s certainly not specific to your score. I’ve just replicated your problem in every single one of the seven scores in the Dorico Example Scores folder distributed with v1.1.10. It’s been acknowledged and it’ll get fixed.