Possible bug?

Before filing a bug report I thought I should check if anyone has a workaround, similar experience or any other suggestions.

Problem: If I use Halion 6 as stand alone. All ok. Close it. Open Cubase (8.5). Loading Halion 6 = Heavy (a lot of) “missing files” messages. I then need to restart my machine. If I now open Cubase 8.5 and load Halion 6 everything is ok. If I now close Cubase and then open Halion 6 as stand alone = same problem. Restart needed. It does not help to quit program and then restart it. A full restart of the computer is needed.

The problem is also the same if I first load Halion into Logic. Close Logic. Open Cubase and load Halion. Same heavy “missing files”. Restart needed to make it work.

Halion is the only instrument that behaves this way. Can’t remember Halion 4 or 5 did this?


I have a related theory, and seem to have found a workaround solution:

Have a look at this thread: