Possible Cubase 7 drawing tool bug?

Just tried to do some sample-level edits… such as you would do to draw out a digital click… and my edits were happening five samples ahead of where I was clicking in the waveform. Anyone else seen this?

There is a general level graphic issue around drawing.

It also happens when extending a part in arrange but in that instance no data is actually changed other than the length of the parts themselves, which is desired behavior however the bitmaps do not translate into any changed or otherwise altered data or new information.

Hope that makes sense (probably doesn’t).

That’s a shame. Hope all is resolved soon. I do sample-level editing regularly.

Steinberg have been known to go after these kinds of issues without remorse, so we can most likely count on a fix for both problems in the near future.

Have you disabled the “Interpolate Audio Waveforms” in the preferences (Event Display->Audio)? If not, try it. It’s confirmed broken (ie. interpolation shifts the samples).


krisp! Excellent tip. That did, in fact, fix the issue. Thanks!

I’ve already encountered this issue since a long time on C6… So, not sure we should wait for a fix. Maybe in C9??