Possible? Exporting audio from Hindenburg to Nuendo via AAF or AES-31 on a different Mac possible?

Hi everyone,
I’m starting on a podcast project soon and the podcast creator is using Hindenburg Pro for editing.
I’ll be in charge of sound design, composition and mixing and mastering (in Nuendo).
Hindenburg Pro can export to AES-3.1 but there is a statement that this will only work on the same computer.
“It is important to note that, due to the restrictions of the AES-31 format, you can only do this with a Hindenburg installation ON THE SAME MACHINE as the WaveLab installation that you wish to transfer the session to.”
Has anyone tried doing this does it really not work or is there a workaround?

The other option is AAF import but I’m not sure if that will work well.

It would be great to have access to his session/edits and not just getting the different tracks as a bounced wave file.

Any thoughts?


I’d try their AAF export.