Possible Feature Requests (if I'm not overlooking it)


I found writing for keyboard (in the context of accompaniment in musicals) pretty awkward especially when I need one sound (or a mix of a couple) in the left hand and a different sound for the right hand. Is there a special way to work with keyboard that I’ve missed? I ended up making every sound it’s own player, writing out the parts, then combining them all into one player. (just a little workaround I found)

Another thing is drumline. I wanted to write a marching band show with drumline. I ended up just writing the drumline is Musescore because of a combination of lack of HALion sounds and Dorico’s drumline notation being odd compared to what I’m used to.

Please let me know if I’m overlooking anything!

For different sounds when using the same piano player, you can enable independent voice playback in Play mode (the button is also labelled here), make sure all the music that needs to have its own sound is in its own voice, and route each voice manually in Play mode.

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I actually didn’t think about it this way, thank you!!

There are several videos on Dorico’s youtube channel in that regard:

For Drumline expression maps, this might help: Marching Percussion Template for Tapspace Virtual Drumline | Discover Dorico - YouTube

There’s an introduction to drum notation here: Guitar and Percussion | Getting Started with Dorico SE - YouTube

And some Discover Doricos on the topic:

I might’ve missed some, so feel free to check the youtube channel.

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These are definitely helpful, Thank you! I may need to invest in Tapspace VDL…