Possible Flow Bug


I’m currently working on copying some Rachmaninoff pieces in order to learn how to use Dorico. I started 2 flows and there seems to be a problem when clicking on the right hand box in the Flow in Setup Mode.

#1 we can see how both flows look.

#2 I deselected Flow 1, then flow 2 moves to where Flow 1 is, leaving everything all messed up.

#3 If I click back Flow 1 all the previous music is gone.

This doesn’t seem to be the behavior the devs intended.

Possible bug?



Are you using a separate Player for each flow…?

No, it’s the same piano player for both pieces.

Ok. Take a look at this (old) thread: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=105465&hilit=lost#p579599 and see if you recognize some of your moves.

Basically, make sure no Player is selected, but that a Layout (on the right) is selected when you de/activate a flow. IIRC the team has confirmed that a warning will be implemented in the future to prevent loss of music…

Yes, you want to remove the flow from the layout, but not the player from the flow: if you remove the player from the flow, you delete all of the music belonging to that player from that flow, which is probably not what you meant to do (and, as Frank rightly says, this should show a warning, and will do in the coming update). Instead, to temporarily remove one or more flows from the layout you’re looking at, select the layout in the Layouts list on the right, then uncheck the checkbox for the flow you want to remove from the layout. This will preserve the music in the flow and simply not show it in the layout.