Possible Grid Bug?

I thought it was just my failing eyesight it looks like the grid is occasionally misbehaving in the following way:

The 2n and 3rd level vertical grid (the one I can’t see anymore) -sometimes- doesn’t follow the quantize when switching to or from triplets and then back to 8ths or 16ths. Seems to get ‘stuck’ on one level

eg. I may have quantize set to 8ths. Then switch to 8th triplets. The grid doesn’t switch to 3 lines per note… stays at -2- divisions.

I then close the CPR, re-open and viola! it’s back ‘working’.

This -was- a confirmed problem in C5 or C6 for a while, but got fixed. Now it seems to be back.

I’ve noticed a LOT of graphic nigglies like this with MixConsole. Dunno if it’s related.

Again: I thought it was just that the divisions are super-hard to read, but now I’m almost positive it’s not drawing the lines properly.

Anyone else?


Step by step repro as per the issue reporting sticky?

You sure do like to jump to conclusions. :confused:

Not a single other report of this yet you claim “It’s back!”.

I believe a ‘repro’ is only required in the issues subforum.

In my experience, many issues are not discovered without the help of others. One notices -something-… and then others chime in and gradually some method of repro is discovered.

Sometimes these things take time.
One example? My Delete Doubles issue (which, like this, you trolled over) now has a repro. Been an issue for -years-.

Another? Identifying you as the mean-spirited troll you are. That took far less time. I frankly can’t understand why it’s so hard to simply ignore posts that don’t apply to you. I certainly don’t spend any time bothering with you, so I’d ask politely that you do the same.


A step by step helps others to confirm or not, the issue.

The delete doubles is a bandaid for the symptom of a deeper issue which, if cured, negates the need for the feature in the first place.

You’re the troll, posting everytime Cubase farts, rather than making music.