Possible hotfix for a MAJOR ISSUE + couple smaller ones??

After reinstalling my Windows 10, all my Native Instruments VST instrument products get blacklisted. They are the 64 Bit VST usually found in C/Program Files/Native Instruments/VST 64 Bit. Before running the newest updates and reinstalling Windows I did not have a problem with this. I’ve been on several threads regarding the issue and NONE of the solutions worked. Now I think I spent close to $1K on Cubase Pro 10.5 and another $1K on Native Instruments products so for this to be an issue is completely unacceptable! There needs to be a fix for this issue ASAP. I gave remote control to a Steinberg representative who tried the same fix that I tried (going in the cache files found in PorgramData folder and deleting the blacklist files and then opening the VST Instruments tab in Cubase and trying to rescan the VST 64 folder with all the Native Instruments .dll files.) Didn’t work.
So he told me to see what Native Instruments can do about it. Same thing. Now apparently Native Instruments uses VST 2.4 instead of VST 3. Regardless apparently 2.4 should work… welll… It doesn’t for quite a lot of people.
So I was thinking… is it possible for Steinberg to release a quick hotfix that allows VST 2 files or VST2.4 to be used again with Cubase? I’ve read somewhere that they discontinued this. But look at what a major problem it’s causing. Please fix this ASAP. All my projects use Absynth, Massive, Battery 4 etc… I can’t access them. Completely in the dark here.

The other 2 issues I’ve enctounered.

  1. There used to be an amazing tool for time stretching an audio/wave file. Now for some reason Cubase Pro 10.5 doesn’t have this feature anymore???
    I think after the cursor and split tool, this was my most used tool. Now it’s just a process called “Time Stretch” that is way harder to use and is terrible compared to that nice tool we used to have. Can we please get that tool back Steinberg?

  2. Finally the last problem is very minor but in the older Cubases I was able to make my own color from the color spectrum. Now it seems there are only about 10 colours to choose from without the option of making your own colour. Why is this feature not there anymore?

I really hope Steinberg does something regarding all these issues since a LOT of money has been spent here to have a reliable and easy to use software. I don’t understand the reasoning for taking some great tools away. :confused:
So can we get this stuff fixed?

Hi and welcome,

VST 2.4 is supported. I don’t think, Steinberg would go back to VST2 support. It’s like to ask Microsoft to support Win XP again.

What kind of tool do you mean, please? What is/was its name, please?

Color of what element, please?

Do the NI standalone instruments work? Here all (including vsts inside cubase) work. Mostly if VSTs fail so do standalone and it is a NI installation issue.
For test completely uninstall massive.Then do a windows search and delete all massive folders. The reinstall. Does massive work now?