Possible Noob Question: Audio Quantize/Hit Points?

I have -never- figured this out. In my defense, I either usually simply re-play a take OR manually chop it here and there if it needs a bit of moving. I don’t really do ‘loops’ or ‘chopping’ like all the beatmasters out there.

So I’m wondering if someone can give me an ‘explain it to me like I’m five years old’ OR point me to a video that is good.

Simple Example:

I have say a shaker part. The guy was supposed to be simply ‘shaking’ on every quarter. But he was having a bad day and the ‘shakes’ are ahead and behind the beat.

I open the Audio Editor and I see ‘hit points’.

  1. But they aren’t at the attack point of each ‘shake’ as I expect, even though I have the quantize set to 1/8ths. How do I ‘tell’ Cubase to move the hit points to the proper attack? Or rather–why isn’t Cubase properly detecting this automatically?

  2. Once I get that sorted, then I guess I can split them into new ‘events’ or I can leave them and ‘warp’ them to stretch/compress. But when I hit the Quantize button, it doesn’t seem to ‘split’ or ‘stretch’ them as expected.

I’m sure I’m doing something totally STUPID, but it kinda reminds me of the Beat Detector where you have to -know- about the ‘Advanced’ option or it doesn’t work. My guess is that there is something slightly non-obvious that I’m missing.