Possible now in 2.2?

I’m trying to come back to Dorico since the update 2.2.
Is it possible now to do this: switch from two staves to one stave (and vice -versa)?

Two staves-one stave.png

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Yes, right click on a staff, then Staff/ Add Staff above or below, or Staff / Remove Staff.

Note, if you remove a staff, the music that was on it is still stored in the project (but it doesn’t affect the note spacing of the score), still plays back, and reappears if you “add” a staff in the same place in the score.

Thanks for your relpy but what i obtained is a staff over or below the one I have son not exactly what I want : I want to have for example one musician who plays piano and suddenly must play a glockenspiel (or other things with only one stave) for a moment like in my example so no need two staves .
My first topics so you can better understand what I want was when Dorico was in version 1.1:


I also want to use this to make some educational material with sometimes only one part of piano and sometimes with two parts
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You can’t make the glock staff line up with the top staff of the piano in V2.2.

If that really annoys you, why not make the instrument changes at system breaks?

For your piano exercises question, the option to add and remove staves is new in V2.2 and does what you want.

One way to do it is to create a one-staff instrument, say the glockenspiel in your case, then add an extra staff below from the 1st bar. In Engrave Mode change the bracket to a brace so that it looks like a piano. You can then add and remove staves the way you want. You will probably have to edit the name of the instrument in Setup Mode and manually handle the announcement of instrument changes in the score since you are not really changing instruments just number of staves.

@al3xandr0s : Great! thanks for the solution
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