Possible parts to print on A4 (portrait) and A5 (landscape)?

Is it possible to print all the parts to A4 (for repetition) and A5 (for marchingbandpaper)? Normally I send to my clients both parts.

I’ll think to build a second layout or …?

It probably would be a good idea to create a separate set of layouts for this, since you presumably would want a proportionately larger staff size for the parts to be printed on A5 than the ones to be printed on A4. Fortunately Dorico allows you to do this easily within the same project, simply by creating another set of part layouts and changing their page setup in Layout Options.


…simply by creating another set of part layouts and changing their page setup in Layout Options…

this go to fast for me :slight_smile: where to add the other layouts? Setup or Engrave (pages?)

You create new layouts in Setup mode. Look at the right hand side panel and the icons at the bottom of the panel.

In Engrave mode, you change the way the music is formatted within a layout.

I see on the right the full score and all my instrument parts. On the left all my players. The icons below give the options for Full Score Layout, Instrumental Part Layout and Custom Layout.

I don’t understand how to do this from that point. Do I have to make for all players a new Layout? Now I feel Full Score and all players also.
Schermafbeelding 2016-10-24 om 16.35.00.png

You would now create a bunch of new part layouts, and assign each player to one of the new layouts, then select all of those layouts and use the Layout Options dialog to change their page setup.

You want to create more Part layouts, so click the “music stand” icon for New Part in the right hand panel.

That will add a new part called “Empty Part.” if you right-click in the part you get a menu of things you can change.

Rename the part to something meaningful (e.g. “Trumpet A5 paper”). You need to add the correct Players and Flows for the music you want in that part.

You probably want to choose Layout Options to change the staff size and the paper size, as well.

You can then tweak the formatting of the part in Engrave mode, and print it in Print mode.

Ok, thats a lot of work. I’ve to add the full set and change the names, options etc.
Faster is to select all the parts and right-click ‘layout options’ and change the page-size for selected parts.