Possible Percussion Maps bug?

(This is a “FYI” post and not an “I need help” post, as I found a workaround.)

It appears that some percussion instruments do not fully work with Percussion Maps. For example, Anvil and Brake Drum don’t seem to trigger any MIDI notes when set to the Natural playing technique, but, weirdly, do work when set to Tremolo.

I worked on a piece, just a few days ago that had brake drum, and it worked fine for me.

It didn’t play back with the sound of a brake drum, as I highly doubt that Halion has a brake drum sound. It played back with a bass drum sound. But aside from that, entering a basic note produced a note on the staff and played back a sound.

Can you explain a little more about what did not work for you?


Sure. I set up the instrument and did the usual suite of actions to pipe MIDI to a third party VST, including setting up a percussion map that “looked for” natural articulation from brake drum, with instructions to send such and such a MIDI note. It simply didn’t respond. However it would respond if I set up a line in the Percussion Map to trigger on the tremolo articulation. If I had a passage of natural and tremolo notes, only the latter would play.

I found that other unhitched percussion seemingly set up identically (e.g. shaker) worked fine. So my weak theory is that there’s some difference in the instrument definition itself.

That is rather interesting. I have not yet tried routing the sound to a 3rd party VST. For my purposes, the bass drum sufficed to get the ‘idea’.

However, I did run into something a little like that regarding the Marching Snare Drum percussion map and the instrument. The default instrument had ‘natural’ in the percussion playing techniques, but in the Percussion Map is was set to ‘Hits’. So of course, the 2 things did not jive and no sound would be produced.

Seeing this minor difference between playing techniques and the percussion map, you might be on to something with your thought.