Possible: rythm slash muted with TAB?

I can’t achieve to have rythm slash mute in notation and Tab : is it possible?

You can show an X in tablature easily enough by specifying that the note is a dead note via the Properties panel. And you should find that any notes you create in a slash voice on the notation staff, will appear appropriately as slashes in tablature as well.

Thanks but
dead note on rythm slash doen’t work: no effect

If I convert this slah in normal note, all is converted:

So I did
1+2+3 ) Change voice → next up-stem voice + convert to dead note + stem force down stem

and after do the housework
Endvoice + startvoice + remove rest to obtain this final:

but the X will be on a string in Tab so long job for ?~
But I think you spoke about other method as you said easy
mixed slah rythm and normal note is very complicate for me.
If dead note on rythm slash worked it can be great
best regards

Right, I see what you mean. You want to be able to make a single note in a slash voice appear as a dead note. That’s not possible at the moment, of course. I don’t know what it would take to make it possible, but I have made a note of it, and it’s now on the long list of things for us to look into in future.