Possible Slur bug

I might have stumbled upon a slur bug this evening.

After inputting a note, I hit “S” to add a slur, and then add the next note. The slur applies correctly, but then I realized that I entered the wrong note value. I hit delete to re-enter the note with the correct note value. The slur toggle stills appears to be on, I add the new corrected note, but no slur appears. The slur toggle still appears to be toggled on.

I am not sure if this is intended, but something tells me not. Has anyone else noticed this?


FWIW, you can immediately change the duration of the note by doing alt-shift-left/right arrow - i.e. you don’t (necessarily) have to reenter it… :slight_smile:

If you delete the second note, the slur ends up applying to only a single note, and thus it gets cleaned up; if you use Ctrl+Z rather than Delete you should find that this works more like you would expect.

Very cool. Thought I would pass it along, in case it wasn’t known. Thanks for the help!