Possible? Stepic VST as MIDI Insert on a VST Synth track?

Hi all,

At the moment I use the Stepic VST instrument to create MIDI patterns. And then on a Synth track I assign the MIDI output of the Stepic VST at the synth’s MIDI input.
So effectively I have two tracks in use to generate the synth’s output…

As far as i’ve seen it’s not possible to assign Stepic as a MIDI insert in the Synth Track.
But various Steinberg plug-ins like an arpeggiator CAN be selected from a list of MIDI inserts .

Question: Is there a way to get Stepic (and/or other similar MIDI generators like Cthulhu for exampke) to appear as possible MIDI insert?

This would mean that both parts (Stepic/Cthulhu and the synth are on one and the same track.

No. You are doing it right. That is just the routing-flow in Cubase and most DAWs I have used. BTW Stepic is the most capable MIDI tool that I own, and I own a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

@BluesCat Thanks for your reply Cat.
In itself it would make sense that a third party MIDI plug-in can be ‘inserted’ like the Steinberg MIDI plug-ins. Don’t you think?
But okay…. this ‘two track’ method works fine also.

Stepic is a great tool indeed and I use it a lot also.

Do you know XFer Cthulhu? That is also one of my absolute favorites. Too bad they never ported it to VST3… It is VST2

Yes. They would have to be programmed as MIDI plugins however. Unfortunately third party MIDI plugins that work with Cubase are few. The format just never took off.

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That sounds like a good explanation. Thanks!