Possible to change a single line percussion staff to a 5 line staff?

Even in a new BBCSO project?
BBCSO bass drum.dorico (472.3 KB)

Dear John,
If I use your file as is, which is one bass drum instrument alone, no kit, one line… I hear the sounds when I input them with the keyboard. As soon as I combine the bass drum into a kit and choose the 5-line-view as the OP did, I no longer can hear the sound while I enter notes with the keyboard. Strange.


Hi John,

Yes, I updated to the latest version, and the problem still persists.


I’m not really sure what we should do here. If you make a percussion kit from instruments that all have different percussion maps and display them on a 5-line staff, when you press a note on your MIDI keyboard then that note might appear in more than one percussion map - how would Dorico know which one you want?
One thing that doesn’t seem to be working is if you set the Preferences to input with ‘Use staff position’ then I don’t think it’s auditioning correctly at that point. Although if you have more than one drum/instrument that uses that line, or they have different techniques then this still might not be ideal.

Might be best to do the note entry when they are single staves/players with their own routing and then combine them into a 5-line staff later?

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In any case, this sounds more than reasonable!

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