Possible to disable Note Input when Dorico in background?

I’m working with 2 programs when arranging for band:
1: audio player (DAW Studio One)
2: Dorico

I listen to the audio file and trying play some chords or melodies.
When Dorico is in the background it listen to Midi Input and notate when Caret is active.

This is (was) my workflow the last 15 years. In Finale I was using Speedy Entry and it only notate when the number key was pressed.

I know I could press ESC before switch to my audio player / DAW but this give me extra keystrokes.

Anybody who can suggest me how to do this faster?

We don’t have any plans to introduce a Speedy Entry-style input method to Dorico, at least in the near term. However, we do want to add an option for Dorico to release the audio and MIDI devices when it goes into the background, which would take care of this, I think.

That would be great Daniel, release midi and audio in background.

I know you don’t have plans to introduce Speedy Entry, it’s ok. I’m searching a good workflow to learn without Speedy Entry. It is difficult to learn for me :slight_smile: