Possible to display track name on key editor notes?

Is there a way to display the track names on the notes in the key editor? I know that you can highlight any group of notes and add info in the ‘text’ field. But, it would save time to have the name displayed automatically. I work with many instruments selected at a time in the key editor and this would make things less confusing!

Anyone know if you can do this?

Thanks for looking.



I don’t know a way to do that, but have you looked at the Event Colors menu in Key Edit?

Yeah I second that. If you color each track different and then select Track Colors in the Event Colors menu each track will have its note show up as their own color. Works great for writing vocal harmonies. I also stuck some colored dots on the edge of my monitor that correspond to the different vocal ranges and can be aligned with the keyboard in the editor. Then I know, for example, if I keep the blue tenor notes in between the 2 blue dots on the monitor frame that I’m not writing outside the tenor’s range.

Thanks for the replies!

I do use different colors for each channels, I was hoping I could make it even easier on my brain and have the name displayed…

I find that the less I have to think about what I’m doing the faster I can work and the better the result.

Interesting idea about putting the colored dots on the side of the monitor as a reminder about vocal range.

Thanks again,


I understand, thinking typically messes me up too. :open_mouth: