Possible to E.Q. a group of notes only (classical)?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to apply e.q. to only a group of notes in a classical soloist’s phrase to handle some wolf tones? If so, where can I get a step-by-step tutorial on this operation?

Many thanks!


I think the best tool for this job would be software with spectral repair capability, like iZotope RX3. EQ alone might not be sufficient to correct that.

RX3 is nice. Sony’s Spectralayers is also good one; good detection algorithms and lots of options for batch processing.

If you want to try the EQ route, you could probably use a dynamic EQ to kill specific freqs at a specific threshold. It’d need to be configured to be awfully precise for a piano though.

If it’s just one little part you need to fix, you could use a mix EQ that has a wet/dry knob and automate that to dampen the resonating freqs yourself, rather than fiddle with a jangly dynamically controlled setup you’d end up only needing for a couple seconds.

Yeah, an EQ would just be a bad idea, but if it’s all you’ve got…

Either you move these single notes to a new track, and use which ever plugin the standard way as insert or from the strip, or you use offline processing for the desired range- also independent of plugin

Thanks everyone for these great tips. I’m ordering RX3 now and will also try moving the notes to a new track for some targeted e.q.

Very useful advice. Great forum.


RX3 sounds like overkill and steep learning curve just for fixing a few notes. It is a fascinating product, though!
Good luck. If possible, let us know how it went.