Possible to have 2 copies of a plugin in different folders?

Is it possible to put two copies of a VST plugin .dll file in different folders in Cubase? What I’d like is to be able to access, for example, an EQ plugin via the folder I use for that plugin company, but also via the general EQ folder.

I could, of course, just try this for myself, but I’m wary of causing some disaster, so was wondering if anyone has else has already tried this.

Hi Scramble,

Unfortunately that’s not possible at them moment.

I used to get around this problem by renaming the dlls. Instead of two copies of “Synth.dll” I’d have “Synth #1.dll” and “Synth #2.dll”. I seem to recall that in some versions of Cubase and Nuendo this worked but in others it didn’t. shrugs

Could be a good feature to have in future editions then.

So this is now possible – sort of – in Cubase 8. I’ve just made a new plugin ‘collection’, as Steinberg calls it, and I’m sorting the plugins how I want, and I can have the same plugin listed in more than one folder, which means I can have both vendor folders and also FX type folders.

Only small downside is that it looks like I have to manually add new plugins to my collection. But this is a very useful feature, so it might tempt you into upgrading.