Possible to hide empty staves for only a selected passage?

I can easily hide empty staves for an entire score, but is it possible to do just for a selected section of music?
I know in Dorico you’re really supposed to engrave as you go… I know a section that will certainly be just a few staves, but I may want to add notes in instruments that are currently empty for the rest of the piece but want to stop this mostly empty section taking up so much space.

Yes. Check out Edit > Notations > Staff > Manual Staff Visibility.

I don’t think so! The usual workflow is to enter all the music in galley view before you start engraving… Just sayin’
And if you use Layout options >Vertical spacing >Hide empty staves could help, without resorting to the option offered above (quite a dangerous one when you don’t master the software)


I agree with Marc! Get all the music into the project; then sort out how it looks.


This doesn’t work just for a selected passage though, right? I can’t figure out how to get it to do that.

I know… I’m used to a Sibelius workflow. I can just select a passage, and hide the staves just for that passage with one click. Then it saves me scrolling past for pages and pages of just one instrument to switch between working on tutti sections on either side of the solo.

Oscar, you’re note alone. While it’s true that you shouldn’t attempt to do detailed/final engraving as you work, there’s no denying that sometimes you just need to clean the score up a bit to keep working. This is one little disagreement I have with many on the forum, and it’s also why I’ve petitioned for the ability to input system breaks in write mode (I now have a stream deck macro to take care of this that switches modes, inputs the break, and pops me right back into write mode). Personally, I do not like galley view as it handles lyrics very poorly and my work is very lyric heavy, so it is of limited use to me. That means I’m working in page view and need to tweak things to be able to continue working.

So, it is what it is. But you can input your manual staff visibility change at a system break, and then add another one later to reset to defaults or change it to whatever else you may require at that point.

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Ah!! Your last paragraph has saved me! Thank you very much. I’m with you - I put system breaks in all the time as I work. I do a lot of transcription work, so I use breaks to communicate things about the structure of the piece I’m transcribing.

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Oscar, your idea is a good one!
My way in this case is to create or reserve one Layout - specifically for comparison with the source score or source instrumental part. And put the structure of system breaks, page breaks into this layout only!
I even change page numbers to fit the original source, if there are any present.

Keep all other layouts, including a full score layout for Dorico to do it’s magic.

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