Possible to just bounce what is in the track and not all?

I have an instrument track that is a bassline(doesn’t matter) and it plays thoughout the track but in some sections it doesn’t. Now when I export that to audio I get the full track from start to end with wasted sections of silence. Anyway to bounce it down and just have the sections that are playing and have them placed in the right spot on the track?

No. (At least not in one operation…you could set locators and do each part individually, but there’s no point)

Try ‘detect silence’.

Why? What are you trying to achieve?
The track before export (bounce) consists of a number of events spaced apart. Bouncing this consolidates the selected events and parts into a single file (that’s what it does and the technique is similar in most DAWs). If you now re-import that file back onto a track you need to use the method Vespesian mentions in order to break it back into separate events. Why do you need to do this that it presents such a problem?
If you just want the individual wave files, copy them out of the pool.

Why? Because one track that I bounce takes up a lot of memory for no reason. What’s the point of of having a track that has only 1 minute of audio and is bounced as 7 minutes of audio…for stems this fine but not for just bouncing a single track down to audio.

You could bounce the Events, one by one, manually. This will give you new audio files containing only the audio belonging to the respective Events.

Don’t confuse a bounced track with stems.
OK, you bounce a track to an audio file. What is this audio file to be used for?
You still haven’t really answered the question - what are you trying to accomplish?
Perhaps Svenne nailed it though in the previous post if you just want a collection of the individual events, otherwise I can’t fathom what you’re trying to do.

Svenne- I know that method and I was just thinking it could be done an easier way.

BriHar- let me explain what I’m doing. To make it simple let’s day I have 2 tracks going, one as a audio drum loop and the other as a synth part running a vsti instrument track. Now the drums play out for 6 minutes straight and the synth plays at 1 minute for 30 seconds and at 4 minutes for 30 seconds. In order to bounce them to audio I have to bounce the synth part from the 1 min mark to past the 6 min mark…this is normal I know.(I have been using cubase since SX) the thing is in between the synth part where the synth is not playing there is silence but it is still using hd memory for no reason. As opposed to bouncing individual parts separately and then moving them to the same track.

Hope I cleared it up.

I just thought maybe there is some macro now thAt I can set this up.

Depending on the structure of your overall track, you could use the arranger track as a kinda of looper to set the arrangement before the final mix. That way, you wouldn’t necessarily need a ‘full length’ drum loop…just an 8 or 16 or whatever bar segment (s). Just a thought…

Thanks Vespesian but I don’t roll like that. It was just an example for simplicity.

Some ideas:

Check out Meap.biz

Check out this “bounce” in place Macro: http://www.cubasetutorial.net/category/cubase-tutorials/bounce-in-place/

Or simply select the middle section (silent) of your example with the range select tool and hit “delete” to get rid of it.

Thanks Sunshy