Possible to make the dot of notes length dotted invisible?

I make some musical exercice for educational purpose on website with a lot of javascript and I need to toggle between slivces of exactly same sizes with and without notes but keep the position of the bar because I use
of image.

I can remove stems, notes, rest but I can’t put the dot of notes invisble :
is it possible?

the original with notes:

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No, I"m afraid that’s not possible. You may find that scaling the notes/rests down to 1% size using the ‘Custom Scale’ property is the best way to approach this.

Might a hidden tuplet allow expanding an undotted note?

Great thanks to both
@Derrek : I tried it works but I really want to keep the position of the bar at the same place at horizontal position. I some situation your method recalculate espacement and width of the rythm

@Daniel: great it works well and it will let me gain a lot of time and no more need to export as svg and open it on illustrator or affinity designer and remove things and export again.

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