Possible to move a CB10 license on USB-eLicense to soft-sLicense?

At the studio, i have a dongle USB eLicense connected to my MacPro. It has CB10 an Nuendo11 on it.

I want to move the CB10 license to my laptop, so essentially moving from dongle to Soft eLicense so i can use CB on my laptop with no dongle. Is it possible ? I read somewhere that one can only move Soft eLicence to USB dongle eLicence, but not the opposite, is this true ?


Steinberg wants that you have the damn dongle everywhere with you! Is not possible to use cubase without the dongle attached to the computer

the move is one way only: softelicencer > dongle. Not the other way round

And cubase pro is dongle only

What’s the point of Soft-Elicense ?
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