Possible to record directly from bluetooth output?

I’ve been trying to record audio directly from a phone which is connected via bluetooth. I’d rather not have to use the microphone if possible. However, I haven’t been able to find any recording options other than “internal microphone” on my machine. I’m using a Lenovo W510, with the default sound card and sound drivers, and Wavelab 7 for audio processing. Is there a way to connect the sound so that I can record it through Wavelab?


How does the sound from your phone become heard on your laptop? That same audio input should be selected in Wavelab as input.

My only options are the Windows sound mixer and the internal microphone, both of which also record external sounds. I’d be happy to install a driver or some other mechanism for connecting to the bluetooth device differently, but I haven’t been able to find one online.

So do you actually succeed in getting the sound from your phone heard on your laptop (outside of WL)? If this is not happening, then it certainly won’t happen in WL.