Possible to render multiple instrument tracks that are fed by one midi track?

I have a midi track and I’m using the Midi Sends to send that midi to two different instrument tracks. I would like to render in place the individual instrument tracks now. For some reason only one of the instruments will render. Is it possible to render both? I understand that I can do an audio export.

Edit: ok, I’m seeing that I am only able to render a single track that is set as the midi output of the midi track, but render doesn’t seem to pay any attention to the midi sends. I’m hoping there is a method that I have missed. I’m hoping to speed up my workflow by using (and editing) single midi files that are feedign several synths instead of having to duplicate the work several times across multiple tracks.


You can use Batch Export and import it back to the project.

Yes-I mentioned that I know about audio export. I want to be able to render in place the dry audio to keep the instrument track settings.