Possible to Repeat score sections while actual audio is playing?

dont know how to explain it with the right terms but ill try,
is it possible for example if i write notes in the score (play them actually in midi editor) from a song while audio file playing in cubase, lets say there is an intro ,section A, Section B, then Section A+B repeat in the song ,and i mark repeat signs in the score ,and i want it to repeat the cursor of the score separately from the main cubase cursor , or any other method without coping all sections again in the score to represent the actual structure of the song with the score and repeat signs.
EDIT:or maybe somehow delete in the score the bars of the A,B sections that are repeated ,so visually it aligns with the actual audio

That’s not possible. But you can Hide Staves in the Score Editor to hide excess passages, resulting in the score being correct. What happens is the inverse of your ‘request’, while the cursor passes through the hidden staves you won’t see it, and the project continues playing.

This must be done after you have completed the entire form,

Does that make sense?

yes thank you, i actually added an “Edit” on my original post thinking again about it while your were replying :upside_down_face:
so basically i need to select all of the bars somehow and hide them ! guess need reading the manual

Here’s a dummy cpr that does that. Open the Score Editor in Page View, and start playback at bar 23, then watch what happens.

To see the hidden bars, switch to Score Edit mode.
dummy.cpr (244.4 KB)

You know who that recording is, I suspect.

Nice that will do the job, i just cant figure out yet how to select multiple bars and hide them ,
now i select bar handles one by one, right click and hide, and it just hide them without trimming the actual time in the score

Lasso select works. Here I hid measures 24 to 60-something.

You can also select using the vertical bar to the left of the staff (highlighted in the vid)

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There is no audio(but the audio event says cifteteli), from the notes them self i didnt figure it out )))
but now i actually writing simple chart of chords and brass section notes of "Stavros Pazarentsis’‘ALA GREKA’’ " for a show just for a reminder

Thanks For the guide Steve :beers:

Ridiculous. I forgot to zip up the project folder. Anyway, it was Hüsnü Şenlendirici & Laço Tayfa - Çiftetelli (Bergama Gaydası - 2000) - YouTube (the notes were just drawn in for the cpr… nothing to do with the tune.)

Laco tayfa,super group. I dont know this piece ,but i know who is husnu and laco…top musicians

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