Possible to route to a "monitoring bus?"

Hello, I’m demoing cubase 11 essentials. On windows 10, scarlett 3rd solo. Is there anyway to route audio channels/tracks to a monitoring bus? I’m a solo musician, and I find it too fiddly to have to keep turning monitoring on just so that I can jam and write something. I have seen other people on youtube have a monitoring bus in cubase, wondering if it’s possible on essentials or will this fall under the control room feature found in the pro version? I’m really enjoying my time in cubase, but If I’m unable to do this, then it’s a dealbreaker for me.

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You can change the Preferences > VST > Auto Monitoring option to While Record-Enabled. Then, once you select any Audio track, the Record-enable becomes active automatically (thanks to the Preferences > Editing > Project & Mix Console > Enable Record on Selected Audio Track) and the Monitor also becomes enabled with it.

Just be careful with the acoustic feedback with this settings. And of course, you have to disable the Monitor, once you want to play back, what has been recorded into the track.

Thank you for replying. I have tried that option, but it wasn’t suiting my workflow. I’ll try it again and see if I can adjust, I mapped monitoring to a keyboard shortcut, but i find having to keep paying attention to it a bit cumbersome…

What about videos I see of people having a separate monitoring bus? how is that done?

maybe you mean Elements…

what exactly do you mean with it?

there are more options available…
tape machine style fits my workflow best…
enables monitoring together with the record enable and disables it during playback

-Yes, I mean elements, sorry, long day. :slight_smile:

-If you check misha mansoor on the get good drums channel on youtube, he works on cubase. He has all his guitar and bass tracks routed to this channel that’s labeled “monitoring”, which has the monitoring always on. he clicks on whatever track and doesn’t have to worry if the monitoring is on or off, the guitar can be heard at all times, you can jam and record a part, move on to the next idea without having to worry about turning monitoring on or off. I hope I’m making sense.

-I have been using tape machine style, my problem with that is, when i am done recording and move to the next idea, I have to press play then turn the monitoring on, miss my cue and wait for it to loop before i can “write”, “jam” my ideas…

I’ve included a monitoring Track in my Templates for a long time. I just set up a normal Audio Track and set its Source to whatever Audio Input I want to monitor (vocal mic, guitar amp, etc) and route its output to wherever you want to listen to it - in my case Stereo Out. I also include (both disabled to start) a reverb Send and a guitar tuner Insert for when those become useful. This is in Pro, but it seems like Elements should be able to do it fine (he says without having a copy of Elements to verify).

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Please let me know if I’m doing it wrong.

Sends don’t show the monitor channel as an output…

Here’s how the elements audio connections looks…


You can route an output of one track to an input of Audio track in Cubase Pro only.

Thank you so much for all the help!

The Sends aren’t part of the basic routing. You only need to use the Sends for stuff like adding some reverb to whatever you are monitoring.