Possible to set up mute group controlled with key command?

Can I somehow group selected tracks to mute at the push of a key command or with midi? That would save a lot of time from going back and forth to the play screen. Thanks!

You can do the converse, which is to solo the selected instruments: select the instruments you want to hear, then type Alt+S. Use Alt+U to reset things. (These commands are found in the Play menu.)

I’m hoping to select a specific group and assign them so that when I’m in the write page I can toggle them on and off. I’m going back and forth between a short score of a few staves of piano and the full orchestra. If I’m understanding correctly, your solution is something I’d manually have to select every time, correct? Basically trying to do what’s called a “mute group” in mixers. A “solo group” would work as well, but I want to have it assigned.

Indeed. Right now Dorico’s Mixer doesn’t support features like that, but it’s certainly something we want to add in future.

Got it. Thanks for the reply.

Can I assign different outputs in the mixer itself to different outputs on my soundcard? If so, then I could do this on the hardware level.

hmm, looks like we can only do a single stereo out at this point?

In case anyone else is looking to do this, the workaround I found was I am using Kontakt for my piano sound and I assigned a MIDI CC value to the volume and made two knobs in Metagrid to turn on and off the volume (you can’t automate to mute button in Kontakt).