Possible to use 2 headphones from 1 jack?

I have UR22 and use a headphone for recording, mixing, etc. Works perfect when I make music on my own but now I’m want to co-op with a friend making music together with him. But then I need two headphones so we both can listen at the same time. I dont use speakers because of the neighbours, not yet anyway… So is this possible with UR22 with some kind a cable that splits into two headphone jacks or do I need to buy a better Audio Interface that already has 2 jacks for headphones? Would it cause problems if I use such a y-cable for UR22, like low/bad volume on both or something like that? Thanks! :slight_smile:

From my personal experience it is no problem as long as both headphones have the same internal resistance (often this is what they call “same model”, but it’s the internal resistance what it really is about).

Maybe you can try at your musical instruments shop to make sure it really works? I can’t promise it here.

Thanks for the reply! I will give it a try. I need another pair anyway, so just need to get the right cable to give it a go. :slight_smile:

Btw, I use the headphone “Sennheiser HD203” for UR22 and those seem to work pretty good. Also not that expensive.