Possible to use Basic FX Suite VST3's without dspMixFX?

Hi, new UR44 owner here.
Just wanted to check in to clarify if the VST3s in Basic FX Suite are supposed to work outside of/without dspMixFx like regular VST-plugins?

I use FL Studio to be more specific, and FL support VST3. But when I scan the plugin folders containing the VST3s i get an error message for the REV-X reverb and Guitar Amp Classics. The only plugin that seems to work outside of dspMixFX in my case is the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip.
Shouldn’t be a license issue since I have successfully activated the Basic Fx Suite with the eLicenser.

Any help is appreciated.

It is supposed to work outside of dspMix FX. I have tried the plugins in Cubase but can’t speak for FL. It does require the license but you said you have that active…

Alright! Good news then. So you are able to use them one by one without dspmixfx in Cubase? You are not using the link feature for Cubase that is mentioned in the manual?

Yes. I am using them just like regular plugins in Cubase.

Update: I got this answer from Steinberg support.

“Please see page 20
The Basic FX Suite can only be accessed from within Cubase or the DSPMix window”

That really sucks. How much lovers are they going to win over by trying to force buyers to use Cubase to get the full potential of this card and it’s included software? It’s a shame that even when you buy a product legimately, your tempted to find pirated versions… But then again. It shouldn’t be illegal to have a pirated version of a plugin you have paid for… right?