Possible to use Garittan, EZ Drummer or other VST?

I will use EZ Drummer (VST) but I can select them from the VST list. Only Halion and Kontakt are displayed.
Do I something wrong or can’t Dorico using it in V1?

Only VST3 plug-ins show up by default in Dorico. You can whitelist other VST2.x plug-ins, following the steps in this thread.

However, you will probably find that using other VSTi in Dorico is an exercise in frustration at the moment, and I would advise you wait until we have implemented some more of the necessary infrastructure to make it work more smoothly.

FWIW: on my windows system Kontakt 5.6.1 gets blacklisted. Play is ignored, but the Aria Player is happily recognized.

Where did you find the code number(s) for Aria to put in the whitelist?

Use of third party plugins is possible in this version - search other threads for ‘white listing’ to find out how - but I wouldn’t advise spending too long on it as support is currently very limited. In the next update we hope to have much better control over them, including support for Expression Maps to do key switching.

Understood, but I’ll still need to know where to find the code number for the whitelist (unless you plan a routine that automates it–hope, hope :astonished: ).

Look in the file “Vst2xPlugin Infos VSTAudioEngine.xml”
in the - appdata/roaming/steinberg/VSTAudioEngine_64 folder

at your own risk then :laughing:

EDIT: It’s probably already listed in the Defaults.xml file, then you just have to change its status from “=0” to “=1”,and then put it in the whitelist.

I know where to put the information, but I do not know where to find the information for Aria (or any other VST). I don’t see it when looking at properties either for the Aria player or for the .dll file.

try this for Aria: 565354474152416172696120706C6179
It shows up the file I mentioned, if the dll is residing within any of the standard paths. There is even an xml file stating which paths Dorico searches for VST2s…

Some questions:

  • where can I find the correct number corresponding to EZ Drummer 2?
  • do I change the Whitelist only? I have tried this with the Aria number above, but it doesn’t work.

The process for finding the GUID number is described by Yvan Grabit in the thread we linked to at the start of this thread, i.e. here.

Ok it works. A little explanation for others how I have done this (thanks to Daniel and Yvan Grabit)

I don’t know my GUID number for EZdrummer and cannot find this in the /Users/user/Library/Preferences/VSTAudioEngine/default.xml where a value = 0.

  • look in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST for the exact name of the DLL (EZdrummer.dll)
  • open the Applications/Dorico.app/Contents/Applications/VSTAudioEngine.app/Contents/Components/vst2whitelist.txt
  • add the next lines to the vst2whitelist.txt


  • open and close Dorico
  • open /Users/user/Library/Preferences/VSTAudioEngine/default.xml
  • search entry where value=“0” in the Components\Category Audio Module Class\Available group:

in my case for EZdrummer

  • change the 0 into 1
  • copy the long number 56535464666865657A6472756D6D6572
  • open vst2whitelist.txt again and change


Now it works for me