Possible to use groove agents inbuilt FX when routing all pads to outs ?

Is there any way within groove agent se of using GAs inbuilt effects whilst also routing all the pads to outs in the strange window so each pad has their own individual track?

Currently it seems that if you route pads to out you no longer have access to the inbuilt effects ?

Also when I route to outs it seems like I have to route pad 1 to out 2 and then pad 2 to out 3 and so on, because the out 1 is the master that controls the entire group ? Is that correct and the right way to set things up ?


You can use AUXes in the Mixer.

When I do that it reroutes the pad entirely to the Aux and you lose the arrange window channel out?


I have to say I dunt really understand your use case. Why do you want to route it to multiple outputs but at the same time you want to use the same effects? Why you don’t use the same effect in Cubase then (by using FX or Group channel)?

Mixing Your Kits in Cubase (Manual p.99)
Right-click the kit in the Kit Rack and select Export Mixer to Cubase/Nuendo or Export Mixer and FX to Cubase/Nuendo.
Now, the following happens:
● For all Groove Agent SE group channels, such as Kick or Snare, corresponding group channels are created in your Steinberg DAW.
Mixing and Effect Handling Acoustic Agent SE Mixer
● Instrument channels, such as Kick Main, Kick Add, etc. are routed to individual plug-in outputs. These connections create the corresponding MixConsole channels in your Steinberg DAW.
● In the DAW, the instrument channels are routed to the group channels, following the original Groove Agent SE mixer structure. For example, Kick Main and Kick Add are routed to the Kick group channel.
● If you selected Export Mixer and FX to Cubase/Nuendo, all Groove Agent SE channel strip effect settings and equalizer settings are transferred to the DAW.
and so on.

There’s alot of differences between ‘Acoustic agent’ and ‘Beat agent’

Hi thanks for this - can’t seem to see an export mixer on right click though (I attached a photo)?

Rote to multiple outs So that I can export all the drum stems individually when i need to mix. And be able to use the inbuilt effects just because it’s all self contained within groove agent - easier and quicker. That was the thinking being it…


Maybe could you ask at the Groove Agent thread?

Never thought of that. Thanks :pray:

Triton 100:

Don’t waste your time expecting an answer anytime soon on the Groove Agent forum. It is a ghost town and mods are never present there. They haven’t even bothered to set up a separate Groove Agent 5 sub forum. You have a better chance of getting a response to Groove Agent questions here than there.

Buer actually answered your question but didn’t quite explain exactly what the difference is as to what Beat Agent and Acoustic Agent contextual menus will display. Check out this screen shot.

Thanks for the heads up. Actually I studied the manual inside out after Buers post as I realise all the info is there and I hadn’t even thought of looking. I guess you get so used to asking on forums. And I realise that it can’t do what I wanted for some reason. It only allows external routing plus internal effects wirh the acoustic agent and I pretty much always use the beat agent instead for dance hip Hope etc. I wonder why they don’t allow it with both.

I pretty much always use the beat agent instead for dance hip hop etc. I wonder why they don’t allow it with both.

Yes…that does seem like a glaring omission, doesn’t it?

I would say so. In the meanwhile I’ve decided to render all groove agents to audio as a kind of work around for what I need it to do. I must admit I love cubase but I am finding myself having to do this render to audio a lot to save on weird quirks from using midi ( like kontakt instruments losing audio every so often). Which kind of defeats the purpose of a fully featured daw but hey

You can route each Pad to an individual Output with 4 individual effects exclusive to each pad. The problem is, there is no way to automatically do this with a Beat Agent. Your only recourse is to manually set up a kit with all the routing set correctly.

Start by assigning a Pad (via right clicking) to an Agent Bus. There are a total of 16 Bus assignments per Pad that can feed a maximum of 32 Agent outputs. (for most intents and purposes, you will only need the first 16 Outputs).

Once a Pad is assigned to a Bus, assign each Agent Bus to an Output, via the Mixer’s Agent tab. The Output assignments are just above the Panner. At this point, you have 4 possible independent effects assignable per Agent Bus that are completely independent to the sample(s) assigned to the Pad.

One good shortcut is about this process is that when you assign an Agent Bus to an Output, it automatically creates a new Track for that Agent/Bus in Cubase.

Routing simply put:

Pad (sample(s)) > Bus assignments 1-16 > MIxer Agent Bus & 4 possible effects > Output assignment > Cubase Track.

Obviously any number of Pads can be assigned to a single Bus….so if you have 3 different Hats, they could be assigned to one Pad using 4 possible effects, all routed out to a single Output/Track.

So it can be done, but you have to do a lot of prep work. You could create a simple 16 Pad kit as a template (with all the routing taken care of), Save and use that for any samples you like. Not elegant, but it works.

Thanks so much for this ! I’ve also learnt that GA 5 full version now has an export mixer to cubase too, which I assume does all of this automatically now. I will download a trial of GA 5 and test it out. The or I use GA SE the more I see what an amazing sampler it is. Just wish the menu buttons weren’t so small.