Possible toolbox select crash bug

Crashing Cubase problem:

Hi. I have set my prefs to open the toolbox when I right click my mouse. To get the various options for the cursor (sizing moves contents) etc. you seem to get them if you hit the left mouse at the same time as holding the right mouse down. This is cool, except if you hold the right mouse down for any length of time. This makes cubase rescale the toolbox, but as the selection for sizing moves contents is often open, it confuses cubase:

  1. Set prefs to open toolbox on right click.
  2. Whilst holding down right mouse button, click left button to get the stretch type selection menu. Keep holding the right buttons down till the resizing of toolbox occurs. Resize the toolbox.
  3. let go of your mouse buttons.
  4. Repeat 2 and eventually it will crash cubase - cubase disappears…

Ta :laughing:

Can someone validate this for me?

C6 re-introduced the two-row toolbox as an option, so it is quite possibly a bug.

Good catch.

Can’t look now; will try later…

bump for visibility (crashes/unexpected exits are not good…!)


cannot reproduce here. Windows 7 64-bit



I can’t reproduce either. I don’t use the left mousebutton at this point. Only right click, then don’t move the cursor. After 3 seconds the sizing arrows appear.


This (my) bug has already been found and fixed.

I forgot about that rather obscure, and not particularly good, left-click while right-clicking functionality. It been in the code a long time, and can’t work on a Mac anyway.

The fix will be included in the next available version.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Just to clarify I’m using a Macbook Pro… Wow actual bug fixes!!! Hmmm might not move to protools after all if you keep this up!!!

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