Possible trouble with C6 and Radeon X300 ?

Someone ever got troubles with C6 cause graphic card ?

I always had some problem to launch C6 but when I launched it after launched C5, it runs… :confused:

But now, it crashes all time during opening at the video player step…

Someone can helps ?

Thanks a lot

(Sorry for my english)

This is a workaround if you don’t need to use Cubase video.


I’ll try it tonight and give you feedbacks !

Thanks a lot !

It doesn’t run… I got blue screen at the opening :cry:

Ouch…that’s odd.

Try disabling the Radeon driver drivers to see if it’s the ATI driver causing problems. It will still run on Windows default driver. (Though maybe at a lower res)

Ever tried… I made a new installation of C6 and now it simply doesn’t launch… nothing happens… :imp: