Possiblity to add some enhancements to Bath Processor

Hi there, I am a longtime Wavelab user - especially the batch processor.
What is the likelihood of adding some file locating/re-linking to the batch processor?
The ability to save batch presets is a great way to always be able to revisit old batches if new tweaks are needed and/or re-batching is necessary. The problem is that if hard drives are changed/system updates/new computer etc… and those old presets are not going to work because drive letters have changed etc. It would be so useful to have a feature that will relocate the files in the file list similar to how you can do it in a DAW that can’t find audio files that are part of the session.

Any chance of this feature to be included?


Yes, this is already noted in my todo list. Some kind of “Find /Replace” for the file paths.

That is wonderful news!
I know you also suggested an export/import the file name list to txt file which would also solve the issue but a direct find/replace is always better!

export/import will also be done :wink: