Possibly O/T? Convert MP3 To M4R or M4A?


Sorry if this is a noob question. I am a strictly Windows guy… although I have an iPhone. Is there a way to use Wavelab (or some other utility?) to convert an MP3 to a format that can by synced to an iPhone? (M4R, M4A)

Yes I know that one can use iTunes—but I don’t use iTunes at -all-… not even installed on my PCs.




Why bother? The iPhone can handle mp3s.


Not for ringtones… you have to have an AAC or M4R or M4A.

Anyone else?

Hi …

Really, iTunes is the easiest solution … and it’s free. Download, instal, set your conversion preferences and you’re done.

FWIW, here we use the Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro Codec to audition how things will sound in iTunes. But it is expensive unless you have a professional application for its features (in which case it’s very well priced).

I’d go for AAC, since Wavelab has some issues with M4A files (at least on my system).