Post Cubase 10.5.11 update - No Automation Contour at ends


Post 10.5.11 update, Automation is not continuous , it only shows where i touched the target knob, rest of the area is blank and dont see any automation contour.I have attached the picture. Red ovals shows missing automation lines. It used to be continuous before. did i change someting ? not sure. can anybody help ?


These points are set as Terminators. Therefore the line doesn’t continue.

Hi Martin,

I never set terminators before. Whenever i draw automation , i could see the contours. Is there any change recently 10.5.11 or may be i have changed some settings, I am not sure. How can get the old behaviour back. This is definitely new for me.

i trashed my preferences and all normal now. dont know what settings did i changed :slight_smile:


The default Cubase settings is, there are no Terminators in use. But you can enable it in the Automation Panel > Settings > Use Virgin Territory. That would be the settings, which causes the view, because this is exactly how does it work.

Just to let you know, if you would adapt this settings again.

Thanks Martin. Yes you are right. I did play with those setting in recent days.